Trump’s Nazi Followers Make Fun Of Holocaust Survivors (Because Of Course)

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On any given day,, the largest white nationalist website in the world, is a cesspool of hate, ugliness and Trump worship. These are his people! Filled with loathing for non-whites of all kinds, they’re thrilled that Trump, at the command of Rebranded White Nationalism rebranded white nationalism leader Steve Bannon, is fulfilling their fantasies of building a wall to keep out brown people and taking the necessary steps towards a ban on Muslims.

But on Friday, the scum at Stormfront took some extra time to celebrate Holocaust Remembrance Day by claiming it never happened:

It gets worse:

The most unbelievable aspect of Holocaust denial is that many of these same assholes will turn around at other times and celebrate Hitler for killing millions of Jews. They want to have their white supremacist cake and eat it, too.

It’s soooooo tempting to blow this stuff off as just a few angry white guys that can’t get laid (there’s a reason white nationalism dovetails with the Men’s Rights movement so easily) but it’s a peek inside the mind of the movement that Steve Bannon and Trump harnessed to win the election. This is the agenda that they’re pursuing. Sure, Trump’s beloved son-in-law is Jewish, but Trump isn’t the one in charge now, Bannon is, and he deliberately cultivated white nationalism as a force to take over conservative politics.

Call me alarmist but this kind of mindless hate has infected the highest levels of our government and if you think Steve Bannon is going to go quietly when Trump gets impeached, you haven’t been paying attention to history.

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