Trump’s Muslim Ban Is So Awful Two GOP Governors Are Joining Liberals To Fight It

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It’s happening, it’s actually happening. GOP leaders are starting to recognize that the Trump administration is not operating with a full box of french fries. Who would have ever dreamed that it would take the mechanisms of the worst president in U.S. history to have Republicans joining Democrats in a joint effort to ensure the rights and autonomy of minorities? Yet that is what has happened today after a weekend of confusion, mass demonstrations, and men, women and children spending hours in limbo.

Trump’s order, poorly named “Protecting the Nation From Terrorist Attacks by Foreign Nationals” sparked outrage, as people returning home to the country, or arriving for the first time after having already been vetted, were barred without warning. By Monday morning 16 attorney generals, all Democrats, had announced plans to file suit against the order. By the end of the day, Bob Ferguson from Washington State had led the way.

One GOP Governor and his DNC Attorney General from Massachusetts, in complete agreement. expressed outrage and intention to fight the order. So far, only Governors Charlie Baker (Massachusetts) and Gary Herbert (Utah) have had the cojones to stand up to the president against and Trump’s evil agenda of stripping away the rights of all who live here. They recognize that the residents of their states matter, and that to target a few for such bigoted reasons is wrong.

Sadly, they are in the minority. Of the GOP led states with attorney generals filing suit, Maine, New Mexico, Vermont and Illinois have not had their governors give any opinion on the ban. Iowa’s governor gave a wishy-washy statement of non-committment. It would have been better if he had just kept his mouth shut. The governors or attorney generals who are silent on the matter include Florida, South Carolina, Arkansas, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee…and the list goes on.

While we applaud the two GOP Governors who stood on the side of decency and justice, we can also be appalled at those who seem to care as much as the president, about refugees, and Muslims who come here, which is not at all.

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