Trump’s Latest Twitter Rant Is Everything You’d Expect From The (Middle School Class) President

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After being forced to tweet nice things about a black man on Monday, Donald Trump returned to being himself early Tuesday morning with a pair of tweets so delusional they couldn’t possibly belong to anyone else. Without having to worry about things like the truth or reality, Trump was able to stand in the mirror and stroke his own ego as he sent out sheer nonsense.

The first was a declaration of how great — as well as potentially violent — his inauguration will be:

First, it’s obvious Lord Cheeto doesn’t quite understand some of the words he uses. 800,000 people are expected to show up to see our democracy become a laughing stock. 1.8 million came to see a real President, Barack Obama, take the oath of office. Hotels as close as 15 miles away from the Capitol still have vacancies. There aren’t any records being broken. It’s looking like a sad little affair headlined by nobody performers and a giant orange traffic cone.

Second, it’s fantastic that he felt the need to mention “Bikers for Trump,” a gang of middle-aged white men who have pledged to interfere with as many protests as possible, violently if necessary. The inauguration of a president, therefore, is now nothing more than a glorified Trump campaign function, complete with assholes.

The Butternut Bigot’s next tweet was yet another fine example of how a narcissist responds to the fact that he wasn’t actually eleceted by some populist movement but rather by a decent ground game that yielded 77K votes in a dozen counties that made the difference:

The election polls weren’t “phony,” stupid, they were off. Not even by a lot. On election night it seemed like there was something majorly wrong, but when the final tally happened, you lost by more than 3 million votes. Again, a good ground game in a dozen counties elected you, not a sweeping mandate by the people. You didn’t even win a simple majority. Get a grip.

As for approval ratings, what do you expect? You’re a tool with zero qualifications who still feels it necessary to put out tweets like these to satisfy the low-hanging American fruit that makes up your base.

It’s going to be a long couple of months before this idiot does something stupid enough to get himself impeached.

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