America Reacts To Trump’s Latest Un-American Brown People Ban

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Just in case you missed it with all the hoopla surrounding the #TakeAKnee movement on the Sunday afternoon football fields, Trump tried to slip in yet another travel ban last night without anyone noticing. The ban is to replace the previous version, which had a 90-day expiration date. This new one doesn’t EVER expire. But if he thinks people weren’t paying attention, he’s wrong. We noticed.

Just before 5:00 p.m. eastern time, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet proudly announcing his brand new Executive Order:


All that excess verbiage translates into two words — TRAVEL BAN. In a world of trans-continental travel, an order like this says one thing to potential travelers — We don’t want you here. This version adds North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad to make it seem like it isn’t a “Muslim Ban,” but it literally is “same shit — different day.” Adding a few countries that you’ve been bullying on Twitter doesn’t remove the overall goal of the ban.

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The fact that Trump had the country distracted all weekend with the National Football League and calling out people of color for taking a knee means that he knows this would not be well-received by Americans. The previous backlash over his racist, neo-nazi policies have proven that.

The ACLU has already issued a formal statement on the new travel ban:

President Trump tonight issued a third version of his Muslim ban. Like the previous version, this ban blocks travel to the United States from six predominantly Muslim countries. The newest ban also bans North Koreans and Venezuelan government officials. Unlike the previous versions, this one is of indefinite duration.

The hashtag #NoMuslimBanEver is chock full of comments and posts from people that oppose closing our borders.

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The one constant in Trump’s policies is that he never does anything against any of the countries where he has a vested interest or is expanding to. The use of the office to expand his personal business is in conflict with everything that is America. But why Chad? The New York Times might be on to something:

…the addition of non-Muslim majority countries Venezuela and North Korea could be intended to “address the legal attacks on earlier travel restrictions as discrimination based on religion.”

Chad is 52% Muslim, just in case anyone was curious. So… why Chad? Kind of obvious to most of us.

As the week progresses, please keep paying attention to what is happening behind the scenes while the Twitler-in-chief tries to distract us from what he is doing.

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