Trump’s Fox BFF Freaks Out About Trumpcare Failure, Calls For Heads To Roll

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After the disastrous Republican health care bill went down in flames, Donald Trump made a phone call immediately. He didn’t call his wife, or his advisers, or the Speaker of the House. He called Bob Costa of the Washington Post, on his personal cell phone, literally moments after the announcement was made. The impromptu interview he gave Costa left everyone with an unmistakable impression: That Trump did not blame Paul “Doing Big Things Is Hard” Ryan for the bill’s demise. Then he obviously thought about it some more.

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On Saturday, Trump tweeted something uncharacteristically cryptic:

“Judge Jeanine,” of course, is Fox talking head Jeanine Pirro, one of the many right-wing blowhards on the station who believe Trump is infallible. Why did he want his followers to tune in? She must have called him to let him know what she had in store for that night’s episode — a call for Paul Ryan to step down from his position as the House Speaker:

One can understand why Trump walked back his calm demeanor from the Costa interview. He was, like, stoked to be getting something done, and even getting politically engaged with the Republican opposition, before it fell apart:

When the bill was pulled? Not so much:

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Thankfully, there were no health care tweets as the President’s grieving cycle warmed up, because he tends to get stuck on denial and anger. The White House has, as is typical, called any link between the President’s tweet urging people to watch Pirro’s show and the actual content she delivered purely “coincidental” and insists that Trump and Speaker Ryan still have a wonderful relationship.

I’d watch your back, Mr. Speaker.

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