Trump’s First Communications Director Admits To Cheating On Wife And Now He Is His Mistress’ Baby Daddy

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Some of you may recall the drama that unfolded in the Trump Administration earlier this year when Communications Director Jason Miller suddenly announced he was resigning from his shiny new White House job amid rumors that he’d cheated on his wife. Miller’s resignation is actually what led to Spicey running the department and becoming the laughingstock of America, but I digress. After Miller resigned, however, we didn’t hear much else about the dirt he’d slept with Trump Campaign Adviser AJ Delgado–until now:

Married former White House communications director Jason Miller has fathered a son with Trump transition adviser A.J. Delgado following a wild night out in Las Vegas. Page Six exclusively reported that Miller and Delgado went to a Las Vegas strip club with members of the media the night before Trump’s final debate against Hillary Clinton in late October. Miller confirmed the birth of their child on Wednesday. In what feels like light years ago, Miller, who had been the chief spokesman for Trump’s fall 2016 campaign and presidential transition, was tapped to be the White House communications director in December. But he lasted even less time than Anthony Scaramucci, and turned down the plum job two days later.

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According to the report, Miller cheated on his wife after going to a strip club with Delgado. Apparently, they couldn’t figure out how condoms work and now a baby has been born. In December, Delgado cryptically tweeted congratulations to her “baby daddy” after an announcement was made that he was going to head White House communications. She followed her snarky tweet up by saying that he was the “2016 version of John Edwards.” Edwards, a Democrat,  fathered a child with his mistress.

Soon after Delgado’s tweets, Miller resigned from his position, Delgado then deleted the tweets and has not been heard from since. Then on Wednesday, Miller released a statement confirming that he’s a big cheating cheater who doesn’t understand what birth control is but that’s cool because his wife, who delivered a baby in January, is super excited to be a stepmother to his mistress’ baby:

My wife and I, along with our two daughters, are excited to welcome William into the world and into our family, and we appreciate the well wishes we’ve received from so many.

Yeah, I’m sure his wife is super thrilled about this. OOOOOOKKKKAAAYYYYY.

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