Watch Trump’s #1 Fan Lose His F*cking Mind Over That McDonald’s Tweet

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It’s hardly a secret anymore that Pixie Fingers Trump prefers news sources that stroke his, um… ego. But no President before Prima Donald ever had such a fawning sycophant with a microphone as Trump has in one Alex Jones. Jones’ website has been the source of not only undying love for our unhinged would-be dictator, but for years has been the world’s premier wellspring of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and just plain bullshit. His newest is a doozy:

Obama, the last month in, admitted that he was mobilizing and packing agencies with people that didn’t even had been there before [big breath] as sleeper cells… McDonald’s comes out and says, you know, “Trump’s scum, he’s trash,” they go “Oh, it’s an accident, it’s an accident!” Well guess who one of their head PR people is — THE head? It’s Gibbs. Robert Gibbs. We got an article coming out where I say, it’s probably him.

You read that right — Alex Jones just said Obama was behind the hacked McDonald’s tweet, through his first-term press secretary.

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“slowly, Trump’s eyebrows became golden arches™ as his thumb slid down-screen to the tweet button in retaliation”

As if the tweet itself wasn’t funny enough, their security breach probably led to their best sales since the last time the McRib came back. Twitter was Lovin’ It for sure:

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Of course, being crazy has its privileges, and Alex Jones certainly has his defenders on Twitter as well:

Normally I wouldn’t embed a video of this turdbiscuit, but this particular one brought me tears of laughter. From his warthog-farting-in-a-tuba voice to the insufferable penis juice commercials he is financially forced to pepper his insane show with, to his misplaced confidence in how he’s gonna win one for The Groper and his apparent insistence on displaying his naked, clammy torso in all his hastily-taped antics, Alex Jones is absolutely at his comedy gold best here.

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    Theyll make you feel string enough. to take on every liberal commie in america with your bare hands. Half off $uper$ale!!!!
    Hes a classic conman.

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