Trump’s Campaign Shares ANOTHER Anti-Semitic Tweet

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It’s a day ending in “Y” so that means there must be a new bit of anti-Jew hate oozing from Donald Trump’s campaign. This time, Trump’s senior foreign adviser, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, was caught retweeting the following anti-Semitic post:

Unlike Trump’s previous “whoopsies” with sharing anti-Semitism, there’s no denying the nature of the tweet. If you’re unfamiliar with the cesspool that is the far right, the “Jew Media” is one of their favorite boogeymen. Once upon a time, waaaaaaaaay back in the 90s, the “Jew Media” was a recurring complaint among conservatives. That ended when Fox News started telling the right wing that Republicans LOVED Israel and open anti-Semitism was no longer….ahem….kosher.

But now that Donald Trump is actively courting the votes of the KKK, Neo-Nazis and other white supremacists, lo and behold!, the never-far-beneath-the-surface hatred of Jews has made its triumphant return to conservative discourse.

Flynn, once under consideration to be Trump’s VP, was very VERY sorry

The retired general claimed it was an accident, and that he meant to only retweet the story that was attached to the post, not the anti-Semitic commentary that came with it.

“All, this is what was meant to be retweeted… the earlier retweet was a mistake. My sincerest apologies,” Flynn wrote shortly after deleting the hateful message.

Of course, the problem with this is that he would have had to read the “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore” tweet first. I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see any white supremacists pop up on my twitter feed since I tend to stay away from them. The fact that so many of Trump’s people, and Trump himself, move within the same social media circles as openly anti-Semitic bigots should worry anyone not already planning to build gas chambers for President Trump.

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