Trump’s Bullsh*t Is Causing YUGE Problems Within The Secret Service

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Secret Service is reporting that they do not have enough funds or manpower to work security duty for The Orange One and his various family members. Last month, they requested $60 million extra for next year’s budget foreseeing quite a bit more traveling from Trump’s extensive first family. Now, they are requesting an extra $27 million to help with guarding Trump Tower in New York.

Secret Service members are being pulled from their criminal investigation assignments to protect Trump’s family in two-week shifts. With hundreds of unfilled positions in the agency, agents have been working a lot of overtime. According to reports, the agents are experiencing low morale along with just being generally overworked.

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Secret Service representative, Catherine Milhoan told the New York Times:

Regardless of the number of protectees or where the assignment takes us, the Secret Service remains an expeditionary law enforcement agency that continues to adapt and evolve based on the mission at hand.

I guess it’s nice to see that someone from the agency is feeling positive about their performance and ability to maintain those levels. While I sympathize with the agents – their job is already stressful and the extra duties have to be weighing on them – I don’t necessarily give a rat’s ass about the actual agency. They knew what they were up against when Trump was elected, they know their budget. They should have been proactive.

What this means in real terms is that this is costing the taxpayers hard-earned money. It’s ironic that we have to make cuts to things like libraries, national parks and education, but we can fly agents with the Trumps all over the world. Eventually, it will break the Secret Service. Folks on Twitter felt the same. Here are some of their comments:

Spock and Captain Kirk are fairly reliable men. It’s too bad we don’t have someone like Spock in office.

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