Trump’s Brown Shirts Already Issuing Death Threats To Republican Delegates (VIDEO)

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If ever there was a time for Trump to put his foot down, now is the time to do it because this shit is getting WAY out of hand. Republican delegates and officials have been reporting that they have been receiving death threats and talk of bloody violence, if their preferred candidate Donald Trump doesn’t get the nomination. I can only hope that this is nothing more than idle gossip, but this is coming from the same type of people who have been physically assaulting protesters in a bid to become Trump’s army of Brown Shirts .

The Hill reports:

After the GOP front-runner was shut out of any delegates in Colorado at the state’s convention two weeks ago, Steve House, the Colorado GOP chairman, said he was receiving thousands of threatening phone calls.

He’s not alone. At the Republican National Committee’s quarterly meetings in Florida this week, many party leaders shared similar stories.

One party chairman said a Trump supporter threatened “bloodshed” if the businessman didn’t win the party’s nomination.

“A Trump supporter recently got in my face and threatened ‘bloodshed’ at the national convention and said he would ‘meet me at the barricades’ if Trump isn’t the nominee,” said the chairman, who talked to Politico anonymously.

Things are getting so bad that some delegates/officials are worried about going to the Cleveland convention that is coming up, especially if Herr Trumpler doesn’t get the nod. You can pretty much count on everyone not wearing a “Trump!” button getting accosted at that event, not to mention a whole lot of attempted and actual violence breaking out. To be honest, they ought to just call out the armed forces to do security for this shindig in Cleveland. Check out the video:


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