Trump’s America: College Student Posts White Power Rap Video To Celebrate ‘N***er History Month’

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A video entitled White Girl, White Power recently surfaced of a hooded young woman wearing an Old Dominion University (ODU) shirt rapping about white power. The entire rant is an ode to despising what she calls “N—-r History Month.” Dedicating the shortest month of the year to learning about the history of African-Americans was, apparently, the straw that broke her camel’s back.

In the rap, this young lady moron changes into a shirt with The Orange One’s face that reads “My President is White.” Of course Trump’s her president! He is about as compassionate as a dog turd. She wears a Trump mask with sunglasses while she gives shout-outs to the KKK and the Confederate Flag. In one scene, she puts a cigarette out on a piece of paper that reads “Black Lives Matter.” This person is repulsive. And she smokes cheap cigarettes.

Some extreme white conservatives felt the need to comment on the story to show solidarity with the young racist student. Their comments are about what one would expect, however, they really put a twist on the story not everyone saw coming. They blame the liberals. Because of course they do.

Sit back and read their twisted logic. I hope you laugh more than cry:

Do they seriously believe that this was some broke undergrad paid by liberals to create a white power rap to make Trump supporters look bad? They do not need improvement in that department. I think we can all agree that they are pros at making themselves look bad.

Oh. It was the NAACP! Well, if anyone knows how racist minds work, it would be these guys.

And then there’s this. This is some kind of circular thinking that makes me want to vomit. Preferably all over someone like this ass hat.

We have to hand it to Lord Cheeto – there are parts of his presidency that have been successful to date. He has taught his supporters how to twist anything to make it appear as though liberals are just making them look bad. If it’s negative, it’s fake. Period.


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