Trumper Is Mad Because His Mommy And Daddy Called Jeff Sessions A Racist

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Does anyone, other than myself, remember Family Ties from the 80’s? The whole plot was about a liberal family with older children, the oldest of those was a Republican. The show centered around typical family issues, but most of those were politically charged because of how rabidly Alex, the Republican son, argued with his parents. The parents were portrayed as kind, if bumbling, ex-hippies and Alex was the darling in Reagan-era America.

Folks, we have a real-life Alex P. Keaton! This is Michael and he is very upset that his parents are liberals and called poor Jeff Sessions racist.

First of all, I’d like to address the argument that a lot of Republicans have been making about Democrats being racist. A person is not a racist for simply addressing the fact that racism exists. Sticking your head in the sand for the purpose of ignoring unpleasant facts doesn’t make racism not a thing.

Which brings us to Jeff Sessions. If a person like Coretta Scott King is so moved to write a letter to block the 1986 nomination of Sessions for federal judge, that person is a racist. Period. I think if we could appoint a Supreme Judge of Racism, Mrs. King would have held that position. We won’t even get into all the disparaging, racist remarks Sessions has made over the years. We will also overlook the fact that the person who stood up for Sessions is white. Just saying.

JJ made the awesome point that Democrats are in charge of all the black communities and asks if that’s what Michael’s parents want. First of all, What? I never realized lead in drinking water was a problem of the Democrats. Water does not care about your race or political party. I find it absolutely sad that JJ thinks the Democrats are bringing those “black” problems into our good, white communities.

Wendel says that if his parents were liberals, he wouldn’t communicate with them much. He goes on to elaborate that “Dems are hypocritical hateful dishonest people. Finding common ground with such people is pointless.” Well, I don’t find that statement hateful or hypocritical at all, do you?

And ole Ellie. She’s a Republican because her parents were Republicans and their parents and their parents, all the way back to the inception of Republicans. If good ole Ronnie asked for her mother’s opinion then you know DAMN well they are the republicaniest family EVER. What was it that Michael’s mother said about Republican machines?

Poor Michael. I’m sure it’s tough living in a liberal household. I know that I value my conservative upbringing where I was taught to sit down and shut up because I was a girl and not as smart as the men talking. I’m positive kids like Michael would thrive in that sort of environment. Thinking critically for oneself is hard work.

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