Trump Was Shown How To Be A Leader From A Celebrity Chef Today

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Donald Trump’s response to the disaster in Puerto Rico has been absolutely horrendous. Instead of working to make sure the millions of Americans who are suffering without food, water, electricity, and medication, he has spent time attacking the NFL, provoking the president of North Korea and attacking the people of Puerto Rico. And when he isn’t talking shit about someone, he is lounging around at his resort in New Jersey, playing golf and tweeting. His response has been so slow that he won’t even visit Puerto Rico until Tuesday, almost two weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall on the tiny island. But while he hasn’t been acting like the leader of the free world, others have, including Spanish-American chef José Andrés.

Andrés has been in Puerto Rico for days and he has become the face of disaster relief on the island. The chef has fed thousands of Puerto Ricans and today he had a message for Donald Trump:

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It’s pretty pathetic that the president is so lazy and incompetent that people have to show him what to do. But this is what Trump’s America looks like.

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