Oh PUH-lease! Cheeto’s Latest PR Stunt Is As Transparent As His Skin Before Spray Tan

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I remember when Trump said that he was not going to accept a salary if he became president. Then he became president and was forced to take that money because …. the constitution. Last month, Spicer said that The Orange One would donate the salary in its entirety at the end of the year. To avoid negative publicity, it was also announced that the press corps would help decide where the money was donated.

Now it’s April, and Donny has changed his mind again. Instead of waiting until year’s end, he donated (no help from the press corps, by the way) his first quarterly earnings of $78,333.32 to the National Park Service.

Is he f*cking kidding? $78K is almost literally nothing. His budget plan cuts the Interior Department, which oversees park services, by $1.5 BILLION. That’s right, BILLION.

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The Sierra Club’s Executive Director, Michael Brune, stated that this check is simply a publicity stunt.

If Donald Trump is actually interested in helping our parks, he should stop trying to slash their budgets to historically low levels. America’s parks, and the people and economies they support, need real funding, not a giant fake check.

The Trumpsters are not pleased with Mr. Brune or the Sierra Club. They aren’t angry that Trump gave this money to the parks, they are angry because those “snowflake libtards” aren’t satisfied. They really don’t seem to recognize the difference between thousands and billions.

No. Do not thank this man. These two are perfect examples of why Trump knew his stunt would work. He counted on people not being informed enough to know about the cuts. They only see the word “donation.” The National Park Service could not keep parks completely maintained with the money they were getting. The budget cuts will be devastating. $78K is a tear in a salty sea.

Why does it matter if Michael Brune has contributed anything to the NPS? He sure as hell didn’t take a huge chunk out of their budget. I HOPE this publicity stunt does encourage others to do likewise, but I don’t foresee those people being Trump supporters.

Trump is already benefiting by making people like this moron believe that what he has done here was anything akin to generosity. This was a gratuitous move made by a con artist who knows how to manipulate his slack-jawed followers’ perspective.

Don the Con has again given pennies to those he robbed and called it amends. The Trump Train passengers ate it up, and now scoff at those who call out his obvious bull sh*t.

One person creatively summed up our feelings about this half-assed donation :

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  1. I wonder how the National Park Service was chosen. Were possible charities asked to submit requests, perhaps with a description of how the money would be used? After Sean Spicer presented the check to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Tyrone Brandyburg, Superintendent at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, Zinke said this: “We’re going to dedicate it and put against the infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields,” and “These historic places tell the story of conflicts that helped shape our country’s history, and they also honor the many men and women who have given their lives in service of this great nation.”

    I wonder if Trump chose the National Park Service because he liked the idea of the money being used for battlefields, or even if he made that designation a requirement for the donation. There is so much more to the Park Service, and his budget cuts so VERY much from it. Do the national battlefields actually have the greatest need among all of the National Parks properties? Maybe they do, but I just wonder how and why these decisions were made.

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