Trump Wants To Cut Housing Aid…Except For A Subsidy That Benefits His Business

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Donald Trump’s budget proposal would cut HUD’s overall budget by $7 billion, about 15 percent of its annual budget. That includes cuts to two vitally important programs that serve the working poor: a $1.8 billion cut to public housing and a nearly $1 billion in reductions for vouchers that allow tenants to pay for the housing of their choice.

It really is a bad time to be a poor person in need of help for, you know, shelter and stuff.

Surprisingly (but not really) the budget leaves intact a federal housing subsidy that is paid directly to private landlords. Guess who one of those private landlords happen to be? You guessed it: Donald Trump.

The president is part owner of Starrett City, the largest subsidized housing complex in the country. He only owns about four percent of the complex, but it has earned him approximately $38 million in rent from federal subsidies since his inauguration.

Trump has said that the complex is one of the best business decisions he ever made, but in reality, his father willed him his stake and made the initial investment for the building. It’s typical Trump – take credit for the successes of others.

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HUD Secretary Ben Carson said that “no one is going to be thrown out on the street” if the budget cuts do happen to pass. Ultimately, Congress has final say on the budget, but this certainly illustrates Trump’s priorities, doesn’t it?

And this isn’t the first time Trump has sought to screw low-income families. In a five-year battle, Trump worked to remove tenants from another rent-controlled apartment complex he’d purchased in order to tear it down and build condos. During his fight, he had ads printed in newspapers stating that he would house the homeless in an attempt to force tenants to move. He threatened evictions of tenants who had done renovations to their apartments under the previous landlord. He shut off their hot water and refused to fix heating units. There was alleged spying, as well. Trump’s building manager told the superintendent to monitor “the personal habits of the tenants” and “keep a list on the tenants’ activities,” according to his sworn testimony in several transcripts.

All this goes to show that Trump does not give a fuck about people. Trump is in it for Trump and his clan. If you don’t benefit him, you are deemed a “loser” and are tossed aside. If you won’t go quietly, he will make your life hell. We wish the people who are in need of HUD to survive luck. Let’s hope there is a little heart left in Congress.

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