Trump Supporters Are Super Salty About #ObamaDay Trending On Twitter

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If there is one thing that will set a Donald Trump supporter off, it is any mention of the awesomeness that is President Barack Obama. They really, really hate the 44th president of the United States and so does their terrible idol who is currently squatting in the White House. In fact, Trump loathes Obama so much that he his only presidential agenda is,”Destroy my predecessor’s legacy!” With that said, it wasn’t very surprising when I logged onto Twitter today and saw little Trumpers far and wide having meltdowns because it’s Obama’s birthday and #ObamaDay is trending:

Ten points to the guy in the silly hat who used the word “Marxist”! We’re sure he totally knows what that means.

Republicans are cute, aren’t they? They declare,” Obama was a weak leader!” but then they whine about his airstrikes. Of course, they are completely silent when their presidents send hundreds of thousands of ground troops into foreign countries to be maimed and killed.

“Lock him up” for something that they can’t name.


Oh yeah, Obama supporters are the cultists. I could have sworn there was a rally on tv last night with hundreds of people chanting “Trump.”

Oh, I’m sure that totally hurt Obama’s feelings, random internet guy.

There are hundreds of tweets like these on Twitter right now from the group of people who constantly whine that liberals are the “snowflakes.” Oh, the sweet, sweet irony.

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