Watch Trump Supporter Lose Debate With A 12-Year-Old Boy

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A Trump supporter outside of a city council meeting in Huntington Park, California got a lot more than he bargained for when he tried to debate a 12-year-old boy. Joseph Moreno just finished speaking at the event when he was confronted by an angry man wearing a Trump flag cape and shouting “American! American!” Adults were congratulating Moreno for standing up at the council meeting and the moron started saying,”You’re a brainwashed little boy. You have no idea, you’re just a little boy”–big mistake.

Moreno turned his attention to the dumbass and said:

Actually, I have an idea, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have gotten high honors.

Cape man told him “common sense” is the only thing that matters (something he clearly lacks) and not Moreno’s high honors. The man, then asked over and over again,”Am I a racist” to which Moreno responded,”You’re not a racist, but the man you voted for is.” When cape man asked him to list reasons, the 12-year-old badass gave a few. Cape man responded by asking him if he was born in America, because, of course, he did.

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Moreno went on to tell his heckler that yes, he is American, but he is also half Mexican. Cape man did not like that, he shot back,”No you’re not, can you vote over there?!” That’s when the child realized the level of stupidity he was dealing with, he sighed and said:

Oh my God, I am 12-years-old, I couldn’t even vote here if I wanted to.

Cape man tried to defend his position for a bit longer and eventually Moreno just stared at him, nodded his head and treated him like the poorly educated idiot he is.

This kid was awesome, he held his own against a person who thought yelling at a kid and calling him names is acceptable behavior for an adult. This confrontation is a perfect example of the vitriolic nature of Trump’s Republican party. During the same week that some conservatives are trying to paint the progressive movement as “violent and divisive,” one of their guys decided to target a little boy because #MAGA.


MUST WATCH! love this boy so much! ❤️. He gave an amazing speech at the podium at Huntington Park City Council Meeting. Mark my words.. he is a future leader! ✊🏼😊❤️

Posted by Veronica Tomas on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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