Trump Proves Once Again That He Is America’s Bully-In-Chief

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Last night was the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. It’s long been a standing tradition that this is the night  where journalists rub shoulders with Hollywood celebrities, athletes and White House administrators. Our sitting presidents are almost always in attendance. It is meant to be a lighthearted evening for the president and the press. The last time a president didn’t show was 36 years ago after Reagan was shot.

Trump decided to break our traditions – again. There is nothing lighthearted about that man. Have you noticed that even when he is relaxed he just seems like a tensed jack-in-the-box? Instead of attending the dinner, the Orange One held an ego-fluffing rally in Pennsylvania, with hundreds of his scary minions. To be honest, I could not stomach his smarmy face long enough to to watch it – I have seen enough of it in the last 100 days. It occurs to me that he doesn’t realize that the election is over. He needs to seek approval in any form, even if that means still holding election-like rallies.

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One brave soul did decide to crash this televised masturbatory celebration. And it was GLORIOUS – until the Orange One decided he had to go. With almost an identical repeat of the crasher from the election days, Trump yelled,

Get him out of here! Do we love our law enforcement or what?

Because of course he did. His stupid ego is so fragile that he cannot have ONE person voicing their opposition toward him. And loving our law enforcement for forcibly removing a man for exercising his First Amendment rights? I guess our rights really do go out the window at a Trump rally. Considering his fragility and his quick temper, we all are in some serious trouble. What a truly terrifying combination.

Do you remember when Obama was campaigning for Hillary and a Trump supporter showed up? I do. Obama chastised the crowd. He told them to remain focused. And that is one huge character flaw of Trump’s – lack of focus. That man is like a small child in a toy store – it’s just chaos and screeching and crying.

At the end of any Trump rally, they play “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. We assume it’s because of the line, “You get what you need.” We don’t need any of that leading this country. What we need is focus – focus to work together to make sure we never get another president like Trump. Ever.

Please take a look to contrast 45 and 44. Let it serve as a reminder of what can happen when we do not stay focused on our goals.

Can he just NOT talk about records. FFS it’s OLD.

This is how a true president talks to an unruly crowd.

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