Trump Prevents Skydiving Superheros From Surprising Kids At Camp

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Trump is currently on his working golfing vacation in New Jersey at his Bedminster course. Currently, there is a 30-mile zone of restricted airspace for his protection. This is devastating for the smaller airports in the area who see their primary earnings in the summer months – an average of around $40,000. This restricted space is also devastating for people who are unable to keep long-awaited plans with friends and family.

For more than three months, the Tamarack Day Camp in Randolph, New Jersey, had planned a huge surprise for their campers – all between ages 5-12. To signal the beginning of an annual competition between the kids, the camp plans an elaborate spectacle to surprise the campers. This year’s event involved four skydivers dressed as superheroes diving from a plane and rescuing the kids from “bikers” who drove into camp.

I have no idea why they chose bikers – nice stereotyping, guys. They would have been better off having a Trump impersonator coming into the camp. However, I digress.

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The camp’s assistant director, Jessica Grannum,  said that the skydiving company, Skydive Sussex, was told of the Secret Service’s decision shortly before the flight was scheduled to take off. The FAA tried to persuade the Secret Service to allow it, but they weren’t having it.

Grannum went on to say,

This morning, we had the FAA clearance, the skydivers were ready on the plane and then the Secret Service shut us down for the no-fly zone. Which was really sad.

This is more than sad. This is fucking ridiculous. The Secret Service wouldn’t allow Spiderman to visit kids at camp. Spiderman! It’s not as though the children aren’t going to have fun because a surprise they knew nothing about was canceled. I get it, it’s not the worst thing in the world. However, to turn down an innocent surprise for kids is more than cowardly – it’s fucking despicable.

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