Trump Suggests Reporter Knows Everyone In The Congressional Black Caucus Because……She’s Black

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During today’s press conference, Trump showed up with his usual deflection tactics. He accused HRC of having ties with Russia, he praised the leaks that came out about the DNC during the election and once again made vague promises with no actual information.

He also piqued our racism radar when April Ryan, a White House correspondent for Urban Radio Networks, asked him about his plans for helping fight crime in the inner cities. She asked him if he was going to include the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in his conversations about his agenda for urban areas.

Donald Trump asks Black reporter if the Congressional Black Ca…

Absolutely disgusting and bigot remark by Trump. Asked by veteran White House reporter April Ryan if he will ever meet with the Congressional Black Caucus, Donald J. Trump asked her "if they were friends of hers."What the hell?

Posted by Shaun King on Thursday, February 16, 2017

His Orangeness did not seem to be aware what the CBC is, and when Ryan spelled it out for him, he spoke over her as per his M.O. However, he did not speak over her to give her an answer, he questioned her with thinly-disguised blatant racism.

Well, I would. Tell you what: do you want to set up the meeting? Do You want to set up a meeting? Are they friends of yours?

This man! Please let’s assume that all African-Americans know each other. While she rings up all her friends in the CBC, maybe she could set up a meeting with the Black Panthers, as well. Hell, she needs to get the leaders of the NAACP in on this while she schedules this meeting in all her official capacity as a REPORTER.

I am sure all the Trumpeteers were cheering him when he threw the race card into the crowd. These are the people who think think that the Black Lives Matter movement is a joke. They are the ones joking about running over black protesters because their coffee run is more important than fighting for social justice.

The Orange Menace is like manna from Heaven to the racists who wanted nothing more than to see our first black president tarred and feathered. He knows this, and he will keep feeding them all the fodder he can get away with.

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