Trump Pats Himself On The Back For Only Denying Basic Human Rights To A Few ‘Bad Dudes’

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Donald Trump fulfilled another campaign promise on Friday with an executive order that should have been called the “Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink Not A Muslim Ban.” And when he issued that order protests erupted in support of the banned immigrants and refugees at a number of the nation’s major airports.

On Monday morning Trump took to Twitter to complain that he didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Then he held a little pity party for himself. Gosh folks, it’s tough being a God-Emperor.

And in one last tweet he explained the calamity that would have befallen the country had he announced the ban was coming.

Trump thinks his travel ban is the answer. But it’s an answer to a problem that doesn’t exist — immigrants from the countries he has banned have largely never been involved in terrorism within the United States.

One Twitter user pointed out that inconvenient fact in a reply to a fan of the great Orange King.

This guy thinks the ban is a good idea, because “preemption.”

Which provoked this beautiful reply.

Trump thinks he stopped a few “bad dudes” from coming into the country. Forty years worth of information about terrorists and terrorism says he likely hasn’t done anything to keep Americans safer. But what he has done is violate U.S. and international law, mainly so he can tell his poorly educated followers that their great God-Emperor has saved them from a terrorist who wasn’t going to get into the country and wasn’t going to kill them anyway.

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