Trump Loves Women So Much He’s Inviting Companies To Covfefe The F*ck Out Of Them

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Do you remember when Trump said that no one has more respect for women than he does? I do. I almost snorted my drink all over my laptop when I heard him make that declaration. Perhaps the recent term “covfefe” refers to his long-standing respect of the women who cross his path.

It’s been reported that Trump loves women so much, he wants to allow their employers to covfefe them in a way they have never been covfefed. A new birth control exemption in his healthcare legislature has been leaked, because you know there are exceptions, unlike Obama’s plan. Under the Affordable Care Act, birth control is deemed an essential health service and requires most employers to cover contraceptives in their insurance plans at no cost. The new rule amends the Obama administration’s coverage requirement to allow any employer, school or insurance company to opt out of covering contraception due to any moral or religious objection. Because old men’s religions should dictate every woman’s right to choose to have a family or not.

Ain’t that some covfefe?

According to Planned Parenthood spokeswoman, Dana Singiser,

This rule would mean women across the country could be denied insurance coverage for birth control on a whim from their employer or university. It makes a farce of the Trump administration’s so-called ‘women’s empowerment’ agenda and endangers a woman’s ability to make the most basic and personal of decisions ― when and if to have a child.

So, men who have never had to carry a child to term or give birth want women to pay full price to keep from having children. If men could bear children, we all know damn well that there would be free contraceptives for EVERYONE. Using the language of the Orange Fuehrer, the treatment of women in this new exemption is just “sad”. It reeks with the stench of misogyny and oppression – and that’s why the ACLU has promised to sue his ass if this gets passed.

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Please reminisce with us of the time Trump declared his covfefe of women. He seems to have forgotten the meaning of the word.

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