Trump ‘Likes’ Weird Tweet About Orgies, Sex Trafficking And Rape At His Model Agency

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On Thursday night, in the midst of trying to start a nuclear war with North Korea from his toilet, Donald Trump was scrolling through Twitter and he liked something. But the something he liked was really bizarre, especially from a man who brags about how much he respects women. Early in the morning that day, a Twitter user calling himself “Alexander Hamilton” posted a status accusing the president of conducting orgies and raping women at Trump Model Management. That’s not exactly something you think the president would give a Twitter heart, but, of course, Trump is a fucking moron so:

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According to RawStory, the “like” was undone shortly after and there was no other activity.

Now, we could give Trump the benefit of doubt and say it was an accident, but he’s so fucking stupid he probably assumed the tweet was praise and that is why he liked it. His ego is WAY bigger than his brain.

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