Trump Just Said He Was Doing Us All A Big Favor, What A Load Of Sh*t

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Donald Trump announced his plan to save millions of Americans money on Twitter today. The news came at the perfect time: Trumpcare passed through the House yesterday and the GOP is starting to come down from the genocidal high. The Trump camp is dedicated to keeping his loyal followers happy – even though a lot of his supporters are on the road to losing their healthcare. Live in the moment, right?

Oh, Mr. Trump, we are all so grateful, you have no idea! I do have to wonder if the ‘disruption’ he’s trying to avoid is having to live with his wife for the weekend. I mean, it’s a legitimate question, right? It’s almost as if they are divorced in every way but on paper. She has claimed Trump Tower and he can just go fuck off. I can’t say I blame her, but she married the degenerate and there is no sympathy here. I would say ‘you made your bed, lie in it’ but we all know none of the Trumps have ever had to make a bed.

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It occurs to me that this tweet is just a mockery of our very legitimate concerns. We have all been speculating how much his weekly trips to Mar-A-Lago is costing this country. This just screams, “Are you losers happy now?” And let’s not pretend that we can’t hear him thinking that very thing in his giant pumpkin head while he was tweeting.  He is flagrantly flaunting his spoiled-toddler-like attitude and rubbing all our faces in it.

No matter where the man goes, his presence causes disruption. That is not only because he’s the president, but he demands it. He likes watching others’ lives go crashing down in his wake. While we stand behind trying to pick up the pieces, he’ll be off golfing and laughing at the peasants.

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