Trump Just Asked Russia To Hack Hillary Clinton’s Email (VIDEO)

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So, Donald Trump held a press conference today because he is an egotistical dipshit who can’t stand that the attention has been on the Democratic Party this week and his presser was an absolute disaster. Not only did he repeatedly lie, call President Obama “ignorant” and tell a reporter to “be quiet,” he also promised to reward Russia if they launched a cyber attack on Hillary Clinton.

Ever since the Democratic National Committee had their email hacked by Russians, it has become obvious that it was done to help Trump damage Hillary Clinton. Apparently, his buddy Putin really, really wants him to be President of the United States. However, that didn’t go quite as well as the right had hoped and today’s press conference was meant to control any damage that has been done to Trump’s Campaign by his constant Putin compliments. Unfortunately for the Republican Party, they elected an idiot who should never, EVER be allowed to speak to the public.

After swearing that he had no connection to Russia, Trump said this:

Russia, if you are listening. I hope you are able to find the 30K emails that are missing. You will be rewarded mightily by the press.

That’s right, a man who is running for the highest office in this country asked a foreign government to hack the email of his opponent and release what they find to the press. Think about that for a moment — it’s terrifying isn’t it?

Hillary Clinton responded to Trump’s comments, saying:

Over the past few years, Russia has become increasingly hostile to the United States. Earlier this year Russian fighter jets performed “simulated attacks” on a U.S. naval ship that was in the Baltic Sea:

The Russian defense ministry today said its Su-24 planes were conducting test flights and claimed the USS Donald Cook was in ‘operational proximity of the Russian navy’s Baltic fleet base’ as the reason for the flypast. The ministry said its aircraft observed the ship and then ‘turned away in observance of all safety measures’. On Tuesday evening the Russian planes thundered over the US destroyer at a height of just 30ft in what a military official branded the most ‘aggressive’ incident between Russia and the United States in years. The ‘simulated attack’ maneuver saw the jets pass so close to the ocean that they created a ‘wake in the water’, the defense official said.

He wants to be our president but THAT is the government that Trump is asking for a help in attacking Hillary and in the same breath says he has nothing to do with. A government that allowed it’s fighter jets to aggressively fly within 30 FEET of one of our battleships.


Watch Trump below:

Featured image via video screenshot; h/t If You Only News

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