Watching Twitter Mercilessly Mock The Talking Yam With ‘Stuff Trump Is Afraid Of’ Will Make You Ugly Laugh

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Yesterday on Twitter, noted user John Pavlovitz got the ball rolling on a hashtag that quickly went viral. Hundreds and hundreds of tweeters got in on the fun while “#StuffTrumpIsAfraidOf” took over the trending ticker on the popular website:

You can see the appeal, right? Bozo the President is clearly a pretty insecure guy, so there’s plenty of politics to play here. But he’s also such a trembling caricature of himself that the possibilities for jokes at his expense are literally endless. John himself kicked it off with a gimme:

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Twitter took it from there.

But whether or not Donald was afraid of Twitter last night (and well into today), users from everywhere were not scared of him, and shit got very real:

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Twitter pulled no punches in naming the stuff that likely keeps Lord Dampnut awake at night. The righteous fury that tore apart the President through sundown and sunrise fluctuated from angry to funny and back again without missing a beat.

Oh, his supporters tried to fight back, but when a hashtag is trending on Twitter, you’d better get funny, get relevant, or get lost:

But for all the jokes and insights, this serious tweet says what we’re all thinking:

Donald, if you’re reading this, we know your deepest, darkest fear: That the world will finally figure out you’re a scam.

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