Trump ‘Proves’ He Loves Our Military By F*cking Over Their Families

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Ten whole days. That’s how long some families at Fort Knox, Kentucky were given to find new child care, after being informed that due to the Ochre Oligarch’s federal hiring freeze, the child care services they’ve been depending on would be ending.

Trump promised to run America like a business, and I guess we can check off “heartlessly ruin lives to save a few measly pennies” from the list of things a terrible boss might do if he were in charge of the Home of the Brave.

And lest you think Fort Knox is an anomaly, the freeze has already also locked out children of families at US Army Garrison Wiesbaden in Germany. Those families had only six days to prepare for what, for them, will be tremendous financial hardship.

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It’s only a matter of time before more and more bases begin shuttering crucial services for our soldiers, as the hiring needs of government services providing for military families across the nation are forced to go unmet, all in the name of preserving tax cuts for the embarrassingly wealthy and building a giant, worthless wall.

I know that’s a hard connection for the brain to wrap itself around, so let me just build a little bridge for you from here to there: Any country, like a family, must have money to survive. So like a family, a country must decide what best to spend money on. We all know that money that goes into the government comes primarily from taxation, so when a group that normally contributes to the financial picture is given a big break in what they contribute, that’s the same as the government “spending” on them. And it’s no better than sheer chance that giving them tax breaks will ever produce economic stimulus, much like it’s up to fate whether a wall will keep out a single “dangerous” immigrant from a country that sees most of its immigrants come in not 30 feet over a wall, but 30,000 feet in the air.

So going back to the family analogy — Imagine dad has a pretty fixed income, and knows the family needs food, gas, clothes, all the essentials… But dad can’t stop spending money on lottery scratchers. What does he hope to buy, should he win something? More scratch-off tickets.

Republicans love to paint a picture of capital-G Government as a giant bureaucracy, where your tax dollars go to die as they are frittered away on luxury yachts for single Mexican mothers of seven. They have convinced half of America that Government should exist only to protect us in case of invasion. But what happens when our security forces are weakened because the Government that promised our soldiers they’d be taken care of is suddenly starved of the funds it needs to maintain even that meager idea of governing?

And don’t worry, nobody’s grasping at straws here. These closures are a direct result of the hiring freeze:

People were quick to point out the spending comparisons:

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While others just pointed out the obvious:

How long are we going to let dad gamble away the family’s money?

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