Trump Having Glorious Twitter Meltdown Over Russian Influence Scandal

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Yesterday, Donald Trump was accusing Democrats of hypocrisy for their own past meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. It was a desperate spin on the scandal which has engulfed his administration — a false equivalency between their normal government duties and the way Jeff Sessions clearly perjured himself in his Senate confirmation hearing.

Donald’s Whataboutist tweets resumed this morning.

Of course, Sessions met with the ambassador at a time when none of his colleagues was, and he was clearly doing so as a Trump surrogate — exactly what he claimed he had never done when he volunteered a response to Sen. Al Franken.

Donald would much rather change the subject away from his close friend’s perjury to his political rivals.

Trump is referring to a FISA warrant that the FBI obtained during the campaign last year. One reported subject of that investigation, retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn, has already been forced to resign as Trump’s national security adviser.

Note that the FBI investigation making Trump so angry this morning has been a subject of discussion for months. News of the FISA warrant broke in November. It later emerged that the FISA court had at first denied the warrant during the summer, an unusual setback that forced the FBI to reapply in October, narrowing its scope to the four individuals rather than all of Trump Tower.

Of course, this means Barack Obama is the last person Donald should blame for any wiretapping on his phones. If Trump wants answers about this matter, he should probably summon FBI Director James Comey. I wonder where he is this morning?

If Donald Trump really wants to sue Barack Obama in a courtroom, opening himself up to legal discovery, then I say we let him go ahead. That really sounds like a much better use of his time and attention than, say, breaking up immigrant families.

In the meantime, America would like to know why no less than nine people connected to Trump had undisclosed meetings with agents of Russian influence.

America deserves to know whether it was really an accident that Sessions met with Kislyak in his office at the same time that his friend Carter Page, a reported subject of the aforementioned FBI investigation, was being named as a Russian stooge, the role of Russian intelligence services in hacking the Democratic National Committee was being confirmed, and Kremlin officials were being sacked for it.

National security demands that we know whether Michael Flynn was acting under Trump’s instructions when he talked to Kislyak and then lied about it.

Drip, drip, drip.

We need to know why the Republican Party made pro-Russian platform changes immediately after campaign officials met with Russians.

Trump ought to come clean about the Russian oligarchs who buy his properties, and why one of them used his private plane to shadow Donald’s jetliner during the campaign.

But Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist, so now he’s the real victim in all of this. See how that works?

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