Trump Has Now Institutionalized Anti-Immigrant Hate Speech

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Speaking to a joint session of Congress tonight, Donald Trump cheered the creation of an office within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that will publicize crimes committed by so-called “removable aliens.”

“I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims,” Trump said. “The office is called VOICE –- Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement.”

“We are providing a voice to those who have been ignored by our media, and silenced by special interests.”

Although Trump did not elaborate on which “special interests” have supposedly suppressed news that a horde of criminal noncitizens is among us, VOICE is clearly an important part of the white nationalist agenda that he has carried into the White House.

As a class, undocumented aliens commit far fewer crimes than American citizens. But by constantly highlighting the unusual event as if it was normal, hate groups always build a false reality that justifies their hatred.

That’s exactly how the racist Council of Conservative Citizens (get it? CCC = KKK) developed the website that convinced Dylan Roof to avenge a nonexistent wave of black-on-white crime, for example.

The Trump campaign borrowed this tactic by putting the families of criminal aliens on display during the election — a trick he used again last night.

“Joining us in the audience tonight are four very brave Americans whose government failed them,” Trump declared, introducing members of two families.

“I want you to know –- we will never stop fighting for justice,” he said, addressing them by name. “Your loved ones will never be forgotten, we will always honor their memory.”

Trump did not mention the victims of Adam Purinton, an American citizen who yelled “Get out of my country!” last week just before shooting two unarmed Indian men that he had mistaken for Iranians, killing one.

Nor did Trump say anything about the wave of hate crimes that has followed his election, often by people invoking his name, or the surge in hate groups nationwide.

Trump goes out of his way to ignore such news. Earlier today, he reportedly insinuated that a sudden wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers might be a false flag-style attempt to “make others look bad.”

There will be blood. VOICE will empower Donald Trump’s most deplorable supporters to attack people they perceive as immigrants. It’s as if the Hoover administration had opened a bureau to encourage southern lynch mobs with lurid tales of black crime against white families.

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