Trump Fanboy Jim Bakker Lies About Stock Market Performance Because Swindlers Be Swindling

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‘Revelation in the News’

That’s what these nuts call it now. It’s a new segment on former Bureau of Prisons Inmate Number 07407-058‘s hour-long daily broadcast, The Jim Bakker Show, and it’s meant to draw parallels between the writings in Revelation and current events. In today’s episode, after bumbling through just what their show is called in the first place, and some rambling about God talking to him in his jail cell while he was “away studying,” Jim & Friends jump right in on the topic of the stock market, and how it’s affecting consumer confidence.

The thing is, guys who make money by hawking religion on TV have never cared much about what the Bible actually says — only what they can tell you it means. Not much different than any religious endeavor to get your money, but television is just so much more effective. Heck, that’s why Bakker went to prison in the first place! He was just too good at swindling little old ladies. So when Jim strains into that “taking a dump” face while he exclaims how amazing the stock market is doing — which has NOTHING to do with you, by the way — that’s acting, folks.

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So the story is, God wants you to be rich, and the Almighty wants you to vote Republican so you can get there. And apparently this God doesn’t care if you lie, because these scumbags make sure to leave out important details: The stock market was in the TOILET before Obama was elected, after the disastrous presidency of George W. Bush, and it hit record highs literally almost every day once the economy got moving again.

Let’s look at a quote from Sasha Volz on Jim Bakker’s show this morning. She said:

It’s amazing, and to see before this election, before this candidate took office, President Trump, before all of that. The whole Dow Jones, all of the stock market was so down. The numbers were so far down. Record lows, and now we’re in record highs. It’s just amazing to see these extremes, and now we’re going into this great time.

The truth?

Go ahead and peek at the difference between D and R presidents Source: Bespoke Investment Group

Like Trump, these vultures will do anything it takes to separate you from your money.

Watch as Jim and his cohorts falsely deliver all credit for a good economy to the election of Donald Trump:

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