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Trump Doesn’t Understand How To Congress, Thinks Trumpcare Already Passed

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Congressional Republicans and the President claimed a “YUGE” victory Thursday evening after Trumpcare passed the House by a narrow 217-213 vote. Should the bill pass the Senate, it is expected to cause approximately 20 million Americans to lose their healthcare by 2026. The House version will also lay waste to maternity care, mental health coverage and coverage for pre-existing conditions as laid out in Obamacare.

Following the House vote, House Republicans held a celebratory press conference at the White House Rose Garden with Donald Trump, VP Mike Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. President Trump was nothing short of jubilant, tweeting:

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During a hilarious segment on CNN Tonight, Senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta suggested the possibility that Trump may not actually be aware of how Congress works, and recommended that the President look up the Schoolhouse Rock! video “I’m Just A Bill” to help educate himself on how our government actually functions..

They might want to call up ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ on YouTube … Holding a victory party in the Rose Garden of the White House after something passes in the House, that might be a bit premature.

Acosta was not the only one to call Trump out on his premature celebration. April Ryan, Washington bureau chief of American Urban Radio Networks, also admonished Trump and his cronies in the House for their early celebration, saying,

This is not really a victory … The issue really happens next week, when the true numbers ― the CBO score ― come out, so we’ll see if they’re still doing a victory lap then.

I’m Just A Bill  helped many an 80’s and 90’s baby understand our complicated system of government — why not show it to the President? It may help him to avoid embarrassing himself by declaring  premature “wins” going forward. Bannon? Spicey? Maybe one of you could tweet it to him.

WATCH: Schoolhouse Rock Video May Help Educate Trump:


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