Trump F*cks Up: Accidentally Confirms He Knew About Flynn Working For Russia

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It’s the morning after a major Trump fuck up and you know what THAT means! That’s right, it’s time for another Trump Twitter Temper Tantrum! After Michael Flynn was forced to resign after he was exposed for working with Russia, Trump sent out his PR minions to demand the press stop talking about it. They utterly failed and, in some cases, made it even worse. Now the press smells blood and people are demanding answer from a man that considers himself above such petty considerations like “accountability.” Trump knew one of his top security guys was in bed with Russia and ignored it. That’s the kind of thing that leads to impeachment.

Trump’s response, of course, was to shift the blame and whine about, shocker, “fake news.”

He started stamping his feet at 6:40 AM:

Love the little shout out to Fox & Friends. Steve Doocy must have felt smart for the first time in his life. And for a man that built his political career on Obama’s “fake” birth certificate and pure racism, Trump bellowing about other people’s “conspiracy theories and blind hatred” is jaw-dropping.

But Trump wasn’t even close to being finished:

If it’s “non-sense,” why did Flynn have to resign? Why didn’t you get rid of him when you knew he was lying about working with Russia weeks ago? Oh wait! This is part of the cover up! Good luck selling that one to anyone except your most faithful followers.

By the way? The election was 4 months ago. Time to stop inflating your ego over losing the popular vote by 3 million votes.

But Trump still wasn’t done holding his breath:

“Just like Russia?” Is Trump really biting the hand that gave him the presidency? And if he thought he had leaks before, continuing to attack the intelligence community is a sure way to make that problem worse. As for the “failing” Times and Post, if they’re failing losers, what’s it say about Trump that they’ve repeatedly crippled his presidency by accurately reporting on Trump’s incompetence?

Next up was a prize gem of screaming hypocrisy:

Fuck you, you piece of shit. The FBI helped Russia deliver the election to you and you kept James Comey on as the head of the FBI as a reward for his service.

Trump’s next tweet, though, had to make his handlers in Russia sit up and say “WTF?!”

Putin put Trump in the White House to be his puppet. Taking an openly aggressive stance against Russia will not be tolerated. If Trump keeps this up, we can expect that disgusting video of Trump to be leaked in the very near future.

And as of 8:13, this was Trump’s last angry tweet about how mean everyone is to him:

Yes, the “real scandal” is the intelligence community letting the public know that Russia has spies and traitors at the highest level of government, not that Trump’s administration is owned by a hostile foreign power. Oh, and thanks for confirming the intel is real. Dumbass.

Trump is losing his touch. It used to be that his mean girl tweets could control the news cycle for the day, burying whatever screw up he was trying to distract us from. But not only did he not manage even the slightest distraction, he confirmed our worst suspicions: Flynn was in deep with the Russians, Trump knew and now he’s desperately trying o cover it up.

Good job!

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  1. Time to stop inflating your ego over losing the popular vote by 3 million votes.

    STOP this twaddle about the Tangerine Twatwaffle losing the popular vote by 3 million….He actually lost the popular vote by MORE THAN 11 MILLION VOTES: The Tangerine Twatwaffle: 62,979,954
    Hillary Clinton: 65,844,954 (Isn’t that nearly THREE MILLION MORE than Donnie Got?)
    Gary Johnson: 4,488,919
    Jill Stein: 1,457,044
    Evan McMullin (Independent): 725,902
    Write-ins: 1,103,554
    Other: 453,664

    Total voting against Trump: 74,074,037 OR another way he actually lost by 11,094,158 votes! Use the REAL number instead!!!

  2. It’s like my mother told me when I was just a child over 70 years ago….”If you always tell the truth you never have to worry about what you said before…”

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