Trump Campaign Ordered To Court Over Voter Intimidation Tactics

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Last month we learned the Trump Campaign and Republican Party intended to interfere with America’s free and fair elections by showing up at polling places to intimidate voters on Election Day. Now, thanks to their nefarious election day plans, the Trump Campaign and Nevada GOP are being ordered to court on Wednesday.

Donald Trump is so convinced (well, pretending to be convinced in order to save face) that the election is going to be rigged that he is telling supporters to join his “poll-watching” group. Roger Stone, one of the dirtiest Republicans alive, formed a group called “Vote Protectors” in order to scare people (mainly low-income and minorities) at the polls on Tuesday. The Huffington Post uncovered an elaborate plan to do just that last week:

Stone’s group created an official-looking ID badge for its volunteers to wear, and its volunteers planned to videotape voters and conduct fake “exit polls,” efforts that election experts say risks intimidating and confusing voters. Or at least that’s what the group was planning to do before The Huffington Post asked Stone about it on Tuesday.

Shortly after learning about the plans to intimidate voters, the Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against Stone, the RNC and Trump campaign in four states, including Nevada, alleging they violated the Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act. On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered representatives from the Trump campaign and NV GOP to appear in court and respond to the lawsuit. U.S. District Judge Richard Franklin Boulware also ordered the groups to turn over any training materials they may have provided “poll watchers, poll observers, exit pollsters or any other similarly tasked individuals.”

The Republican Party knows that there is no frauder fraud going on and they also know that a “rigged” election is impossible under the current system. However, in their attempt to placate their orange boy, they have thrown all common sense and respect for the Constitution right out the window. We can only hope that the courts recognize the Trump’s Campaign’s desire to destroy our democracy cannot be allowed to proceed and issue the restraining order the Democratic Party is asking for.

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