Trump Called For Punishment Of Women For Having Abortions Then Spinelessly Walks It Back(VIDEO)

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Looks like Trump is turning into a cheap version of Flipfloppin’ Romney here. He makes thoughtless statements all the time and when called on them, he flipflops and/or tries to claim that wasn’t what he meant, taken out of context, and tries changing the subject. Right Wing Watch was all over this:

Bloomberg reported this afternoon that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, in the taping of an MSNBC town hall meeting that will air tonight, said that not only should abortion be outlawed but there should be a “punishment” for women who obtain illegal abortions.

[Update: Trump’s campaign later changed course and said that abortion laws should only punish providers, saying, “The woman is a victim in this case as is the life in her womb.”]

What happens to women in a regime in which abortion is completely criminalized is the third rail of the “pro-life” movement, and its leaders generally attempt to avoid discussing or to downplay the medical and legal consequences of recriminalizing abortion. Recent cases in which women have been arrested for botched abortion attempts or for “endangering” fetuses, however, expose some of the troubling consequences of laws that place abortion politics over the dignity of women.

Seeing as how his numbers are dropping because of the bile from his upper sphincter, now he is trying to save face. Now he is trying to claim that it is the doctors that should face punishment. If that is what he meant, then he should have said so in the first place, but it so happens that abortion is a legal medical procedure according the the Roe vs Wade decision. Too bad the negative fallout hasn’t caused this waste of oxygen to flip flop on his immigration, Muslim, and Latino rhetoric.

What is interesting is people, especially Republicans, are acting all shocked over Trump’s statements on the subject. We all know this has been the Republican attitude all along, but they were far too chickenshit to come out and say it. I guess they don’t like having their true selves exposed. I mean honestly! Have people forgotten all about the laws proposed, passed, and most stricken down as unconstitutional in their attempt to criminalize abortion? In the first five days of the new Republican majority in Congress, they introduced FIVE bills to ban abortions, yet they are shocked at Trumps statements? I guess they figured they would be able to do whatever they wanted with the power of the majority. They want punishment for every woman who gets an abortion, or even a frakking miscarriage for f*ck’s sake!

There is nothing pro life about the anti abortion movement in any sense, or meaning, of the words pro life. The fetus appears to mean much more to them than making sure that it will have proper food and medical care after traveling through the birth canal, or even the life of the woman carrying the fetus. Look below for a perfect representation of the pro life attitude:

 We see the above scenario every bloody day the topic of abortion comes up. There is even worse behavior from the “Holier Than Thou” crowds that berate women as they try to walk into a women’s health clinic, all because they think that abortion is the only thing those places do. They scream hurtful things such as: “You’re going to Hell!” “Satan has blinded you!” “Murderer!” and make women feel exponentially worse than they already do. Especially if they are there to terminate a pregnancy.
Basically what the ignorant segment of our society wants is a return to the dangerous back alley abortions, which damaged/killed far more women than it saved. Even though there are legitimate medical reasons for an abortion, the life of the fetus is far more important to these “people” than the life and mental health of the woman carrying it. No amount of facts will dissuade them at all, unless it happens to be one of their number that has to face the decision.
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