Trump Brags About 300K New Jobs, Twitters Responds: ‘Thanks, Obama!’

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Poor little Donny, why can’t anyone give him credit for the economy?! It’s almost like he’s only been president for 7 weeks and hasn’t done anything but watched TV and played golf!

Still, like most lazy rich white men, Trump is trying to take credit for a black man’s work:

And while some of his idiot supporters were all excited about the job growth that enraged them just a few months ago, a whole lot of people were quick to remind Trump just who exactly did all the work for him:

And on and on and on and on it goes.

For now, Trump is basking in the glory of having inherited a strong economy. But once his policies of cutting taxes for the rich and deregulating Wall Street take hold, it won’t be long before the economy tanks again. Then, of course, it will be Obama’s fault because our fearful leader is a whining toddler that blames everyone else for his failures.

Good thing there’s millions of us that won’t be so easily fooled.

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