Trump Blocked A Comedian On Twitter This Weekend And The Reason Is Hilarious

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If you have been following Trump’s Twitter account and the numerous trolls who fuck with him on a daily basis like I have, then you’ve probably noticed comedy writer Bess Kalb giving the president advice. Kalb, a writer for The New Yorker and The Jimmy Kimmel Live! treats Trump like a clueless child and pokes fun at him while being sickly sweet, coming across as almost a motherly figure. Unfortunately, it looks like our snowflake-in-chief has had enough and over the Memorial Day weekend, Trump lost it and blocked our favorite troll. Kalb relayed what happened on Sunday and it is pretty hilarious.

Yep, instead of governing, Trump is blocking American citizens on Twitter.

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Bahahahaha! Sadly, he lost ours too.

Finally, after mocking Trump heavily, Kalb explained why he blocked her:

Seriously? That’s what did it? Trump was so angry that she pointed out how he dodged the draft with a bone spur he rage-blocked her? Ahhhh that’s beautiful.

The great thing about all of this is that we know with 100% certainty now that Trump actually reads the comments under his tweets. So, you know what that means, right? You must all go on over to his Twitter feed and troll the ever-loving fuck out of that thin-skinned, anti-American piece of garbage we have squatting in the White House.

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