Trump Betrays His Idiot Followers (Again) And They’re PISSED!

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You could almost set your watch by how often Donald Trump changes his mind. This time, the K-Mart Kaiser has reversed his position on NATO and infuriated his isolationist base. As recently as three months ago, Trump maintained the same attitude toward NATO that he had for his entire campaign: They were “obsolete” because they weren’t “taking care of terrorism” in his view. On Wednesday, he suddenly reaffirmed American support for the 68 year-old organization.

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Not only has he changed his mind, he can’t even remember how long ago he held the opposite position. During a press conference with the Secretary General of NATO Wednesday, he said:

I complained about that a long time ago, and they made a change — and now they do fight terrorism. I said it was obsolete. It’s no longer obsolete.

Trump claimed credit for NATO’s “coming around,” saying that his complaints spurred them into action. He did not elaborate on what changes NATO had made to satisfy him.

Reactions from ardent followers of the Turbulent Totalitarian were unsurprising. Over on Breitbart, the former home of possibly-soon-to-be-fired henchman Steve Bannon, the alt-right was up in arms:

“globalism” is secret nazi code for “allowing jews to still exist”

The comments only get worse from there. “Amazing – a Talmudic Jew and a Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian bimbo is deciding the fate of the world. God help us.” “[H]e played [us] all for fools, but the lack of anything better what option did we have?”

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How long until they start calling Trump a “cuck,” their favorite word for anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their disgusting white supremacist rhetoric? (Not long at all. – Ed.)

Of course, we here at Left Wing Nation reserve the right to laugh and say “I told you so” when Trump claims he was kidding about all of this NATO stuff.

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