Trolls Takeover White Power Sites To Discuss Laundry, Color Swatches

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We love internet trolls. Like, we really, really love internet trolls and today we are having a downright trollgasm. Why? Well, some very awesome internet trolls took over a “WHITE POWER” post on Reddit’s “white politics” community. The Daily Beast reports:

But there’s one surprise: When you click on “WHITE POWER,” it shows a 136 kilowatt power generator. That power generator is white. The post below it, titled “Why whites must be separated from blacks,” is about laundry. On WhitePolitics, according to a stickied post on the site, “racism is now banned,” and it is now a place to “hail the greatest of whites, Swiss Coffee!”

“It’s hilarious. What’s not to like?” Ianna Urquhart, a moderator at r/WhitePolitics and r/Whites, told The Daily Beast.

Here’s a taste of what is going on:

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Beautiful, isn’t it?

This isn’t the first time Urquhart has taken over gross subreddits. According to her, she nabbed the r/Faggots community after it went inactive for 6 months in 2016. Milo Yiannopoulos and a few other originally requested they be allowed to moderate it, but when Urquhart heard about it, she said she messaged Reddit and told them she would use her power for good if they gave it to her:

I told them that if they made me mod instead of Milo, that I would use my mod powers for good instead of evil and extol the wonders of bundles of sticks and questionable British meat products. I think I made them laugh because they did indeed make me the top mod,” said Urquhart. “I mean, what’s not to laugh about pics of bundles of sticks in a sub called r/faggots?

We are in love.

Personally, I do not Reddit. Racists absolutely disgust me and I just do not have it in me to wade through the hate over at the site. However, if more people took over the icky subreddits, I’d be way more inclined to visit.

So, troll on, Urquhart! Humanity is counting on you.

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