Trevor Noah Nails It With Breakdown America’s Unconscious Bias Against Black People

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Earlier this week, St. Anthony, Minnesota authorities released the dashcam footage of an officer killing Philando Castile. The release came less than a week after a jury acquitted former officer Jeronimo Yanez of manslaughter in the 32-year-old’s death, leaving many Americans wondering what the fuck it takes to convict a cop in this country. On Wednesday evening, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah discussed the dashcam footage and told his audience he was absolutely broken by it.

I won’t lie to you, when I watched this video it broke me. It just, it broke me. You see so many of these videos and you start to get numb, but this one, seeing the child, that little girl getting out of the car after watching a man get killed, it broke my heart into little pieces.

Noah went on to talk about how America views black people in this country and how there seems to be almost nothing that they can do right to get justice. Body cams on cops have done nothing. Indictments have done nothing. Philando Castile did everything right and he is still dead.

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