Traitor Tom Cotton Tells Trump To Stop Being Such A Drama Queen And Focus

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Turns out liberals are not the only ones who are tired of hearing Donald Trump obsess over his own narcissistic interests while avoiding the boring business of actually running the country. In a podcast with former Obama administration senior adviser David Axelrod on Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) expressed frustration with the president’s infatuation with his current legal troubles and advised him that his time would be better spent focusing on vital issues such as jobs, wages, and security. Cotton stated,

I think the president could be more focused and disciplined about staying on his agenda. To the extent that he’s focused on all of the hair on fire, wild-eyed allegations and drama around these inquiries, he’s going to do less well.

Well, yeah. Any advice on how to get Trump to actually do that? I mean, the man sent out a flurry of tweets already this morning whining about the 4th Circuit Court ruling against his unconstitutional travel ban. Not to mention his current social media argument with the Mayor of London, with whom he is engaging in a petty tweet war about how to best handle a terror attack.


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This is not the first time that Cotton has stood in opposition to a sitting president. In 2015, Senator Cotton sent an open letter that he and 46 other Senators had signed to the Islamic Republic of Iran stating that then-President Obama only had the right to make “executive agreements” with foreign countries,  informing them that any such agreement must be ratified by Congress before being considered official. This blatant act of defiance by the Senate against a sitting president was shocking for many at the time, with Cotton and his cronies labeled “traitors” and the letter described as “mutinous”.

Cotton was unapologetic, stating,

[He had] no regrets at all.. in fact, if the president and the secretary of State were intent on driving a hard bargain, they would be able to point to this letter and say, ‘They’re right…any lasting deal needs to be approved by Congress’. It’s so important we communicated this message straight to Iran.


Better watch out, Mr. Trump. If you can’t let go of your petty little argument and start focusing on real issues, Senator Cotton and his buddies in the Senate may start a letter writing campaign and take matters into their own hands.

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