Toddler Second Amendments Self Dead In Daycare Center At Cop’s House

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In Orange County, Virginia, a 4-year-old little boy shot himself at his daycare facility, he could not be saved. The in-home provider’s home is also the home of a Stafford County Sheriff’s recruit. The recruit was not home at the time of the incident and the gun was not his service weapon.

No other information is being given at this time. Authorities are waiting on the autopsy and the ongoing investigation before releasing anything further.

Does it really matter that the recruit was not home when the incident occurred? A little boy is dead before he got the chance to live because at least one gun was unsecured in the residence – a residence that, for at least part of the day, has young children in it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t cops taught gun safety on the damn job? Isn’t it part of the job to protect citizens?

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I know gun-loving people – like, true gun fanatics. I have honestly heard that demographic say things along the lines of, “Well, if it were MY kid, they would know better than to play with guns.” Really? Yes, really. Some (thankfully, not all) gun owners completely believe that if they teach their children what a gun actually is and to stay away from it, that that is responsible ownership. For real.

Children are never irrational. Children are never curious. Children are just tiny adults who have all the life experience of their parents. Come on, people – wake the hell up! Guns kill kids who are just being kids. Period.

Yet, the NRA won’t be reporting on stories like these. If they do, they will try to reason that since these stories don’t occur every day that it’s not a problem. Do we really need to see a higher number of deaths before we can say that children killing themselves with loaded guns is a problem? ANY number of preventable deaths is a fucking problem.

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  1. You may or may not like this, but I don’t care. Both my wife and I grew up in homes with guns around, and yes, we knew better than to touch them because we were taught not to. But most namby pamby parents today don’t believe in the discipline we were raised with. When told NO!, we knew what it meant. What’s more, all my children were taught to shoot and what guns could do at a very young age. Most of the country people I know that are around my age owned their own first gun by nine or ten years old, and a whipping on a butt certainly didn’t do anything bad to me, but then, I didn’t live in a ‘Victim society’ where whatever happens is somebody else’s fault.

    • ALL the parents (young) that I know put up with absolutely zero bullshit from their offspring. You are out of your fucking mind. The idiot gun owner could have avoided this “problem” if his guns were properly stored. SIMPLE. EASY. No lectures on obedience necessary, Mr. I don’t give a fuck if you like it not!

      • Please moderator, place an “or” between the last 2 words above, as I am unable to edit the original reply. Thank you.

  2. No one will accept responsibility. I am raising my grandson. I believe in the right to bear arms. My grandson is impulsive. Not in a safe place to have easy access to guns. The responsible thing to do is secure your guns. If you fail to do it then you are responsible Yes train teach your kids. Sad part the gun owners that left their guns unsecured was should be charged. No outcry people want to blame NRA and gun makers Messed up

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