Today’s Ridiculous Conway Distraction: James Bond Microwaves

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Kellyanne Conway was interviewed by multiple news outlets today about Trump’s deadline to submit proof of his Obama wire-tapping claims. They all wanted to know if Trump has the evidence. WE want to know if Trump has any evidence. She lived up to our expectations of diversion, but what came out of her mouth was beyond her usual braying; it was utter idiocy.

You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets — any number of ways – microwaves that turn into cameras. We know this is a fact of modern life.

Her statement came way too early on a Monday morning after daylight saving time, but astute viewers could not let her slide. A lot went to Trump’s favorite social media platform to share their thoughts on Bond-like kitchen appliances.

Cray is being kind. She is full-on batshit.

Unfortunately, she was not on any channel to advise. Her goal is diversion and it worked – we are all talking about her now instead of Trump.

Yikes! If this doesn’t make you think about your re-heating habits, I don’t know what will. One would think if microwaves can take pictures, that they would be able to actually heat the food instead of the bowl holding the food.

Duct tape fixes everything! Remember that, Kellyanne, the next time you have to do any of these interviews. You take about a six inch strip and apply directly over your pie hole.

This should be submitted to some weight loss company! Any time you put something unhealthy in your microwave, it can shame you about your bad food choices. I mean, if they are already taking pictures, we might as well give them a voice.

We already did. The doctor’s office said they do not accept ‘Trumpcare’.

Thanks for the humor, Kellyanne. You are not informative in any way, but you can always give us a giggle. I think we can all appreciate that on a Monday morning. Now, when is Trump going to produce the evidence he swears he has?

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