This One Powerful Image Shatters The Lie Behind Trump’s Muslim Ban

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While we relax on a pleasant Sunday and bitch about losing an hour of sleep, tens of thousands of Muslims in western Mosul are finally free from the horrors of life under ISIS. While under their control, Muslim women were forced to wear the oppressive niqab (with only their eyes showing) against their will and as soon as they were safe, they ditched them in the streets:

This is more than a feel-good moment for these women. This is a powerful statement that not all Muslims are the same. Just like any religion, there are moderates, fundamentalists and extremists. But to listen to the Trump administration, we can’t trust any Muslim because ISIS is an Islamic terrorist group. That means every Muslims is suspect. After all, don’t you know that ISIS has been killing Jews and Christians?! We have to keep them out of the country!

But the reality is that ISIS has killed enough Muslims to give every geriatric Rush Limbaugh fan a raging boner. Why? Because Muslims that refuse to live as extremists are a danger to ISIS so they’re murdered. These ordinary Muslims should be our friends, enemy of my enemy and all that, but the right is so dedicated to its hatred and bigotry that they’d rather cripple our ability to crush ISIS before treating Muslims like human beings.

Every time someone regurgitates a Fox News talking point about how dangerous Islam is, show them this picture and remind that ISIS is no more the totality of Islam than the KKK represents all of Christianity. They won’t understand what you’re saying but don’t let their ignorance stop you from rubbing the truth in their face.

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