This Map Shows Where Nazis And Other Hate Groups Reside In Your State

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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a civil rights organization that upholds civil rights and tracks hate groups, claims there are 917 active hate groups in the United States. The groups range from the white supremacists that we saw marching in the streets in Charlottesville to anti-LGBTQ groups, but they all pose a significant risk for Americans:

The SPLC has documented an explosive rise in the number of hate groups since the turn of the century, driven in part by anger over Latino immigration and demographic projections showing that whites will no longer hold majority status in the country by around 2040. The rise accelerated in 2009, the year President Obama took office, but declined after that, in part because large numbers of extremists were moving to the web and away from on-the-ground activities. In the last two years, in part due to a presidential campaign that flirted heavily with extremist ideas, the hate group count has risen again.

It’s not surprising that the groups are on the rise, Donald Trump gave thousands of these people a voice. His hateful rhetoric both during the election and since his inauguration has led these despicable human beings to believe that they are welcome in our country and what is scarier is that we really don’t know where the hell they are operating out of–until now.

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Not only does the SPLC track hate groups, they have put them on a nifty “Hate Map” for us so that we know exactly where to avoid:

Screenshot via SPLC

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the hate groups are throughout the “Bible Belt” and along the East Coast. These are the same places that have totally-not-racist Confederate statues all over the place:


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Let’s just cut the shit. America is full of racists. The president is a racist. The Confederate monuments were placed all over the South because of racism. And if these maps are any indication of how safe a place is, we should all be moving to North Dakota.

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