These Vintage Ads Prove What A Misogynistic Piece Of Sh!t Trump Really Is

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A Syrian artist with the moniker Saint Hoax has put together a series of vintage ads with some of the Pervert-In-Chief’s most well-known misogynist comments. The results are creepily believable.

Saint Hoax titles the collection Make America Misogynist Again, a play on the slogan Trump stole from Reagan. The series is thought-provoking; the main thought being, “WHY do people support this A$$HOLE?”

The answer is this: Donald Trump is a baby boomer! These ads were everywhere when he was a child and well into his adulthood. These ideals have been ingrained in his tiny, little pea-brain. He grew up during “The Good Ole Days” – the days all these conservative asswipes feel the desperate need to return to. Misogyny wasn’t misogyny then, it was just life.

So, yeah, the Good Ole Days were basically the days of women staying silent unless spoken to.

We know not all baby boomers think women are possessions. This is all about the cranially-challenged mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers like Trump. Women will always be inferior to these cave men.

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According to Saint Hoax, before showing these visuals with quotes to friends (s)he “told them that these were the actual advertisements that were published in the 1950s and 60s and they believed it. When I revealed the truth, they were in complete shock.”

Some of these quotes are now so infamous, we know them to be Trump quotes. However, others are alarming in their authenticity.

Looks like you should have picked up some take-out. Get off my ass!

I would bitch and gripe if Donny were my husband, too. The constant sniffling and bragging alone would be enough for me to contemplate divorce at the VERY least. Don’t even get me started on that dead animal he calls hair.

Hmph. This comment was obviously a Clinton rip-off. Hummers only matter if a Democrat gets one, dontcha know?

Yes. Women, like pets, should be controlled at all times. If you treat them like shit long enough, they won’t have the gumption to disobey. Today, that would be called emotional abuse. Semantics, schemantics.

This one just renders me speechless. The very idea that talent is irrelevant based on looks is so archaic that this quote feels completely unbelievable. Yet, our president said this in 2005.

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Give credit to Saint Hoax; this collection is extraordinary. It almost perfectly illustrates Trump’s distaste of women despite his claims of respecting women more than anyone.

If he said it, it must be true, right?

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