These Guys Started A Sexist Hashtag On Twitter And Women Told Them To Go Eat A D*ck

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It’s time for another roundup of all the trolls who fall for honeypot hashtags on Twitter! Today’s trending term is #NeverAskAWoman.

don’t do it!

Seem like a trap? Are you already shaking your head? Of course you are. You just know that the Internet is full of assholes with opinions, and very few of them are smart enough to keep them to themselves. It’s gonna get sexist, it’s gonna get political, and it’s gonna get ugly.

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I mean, you’ve got your run-of-the-mill morons who like to make “jokes” about subservient women:

Some even Trump-style:

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And of course there are the fat/crazy/stupid/incompetent woman tweets:

And of course the Islamophobic tweets:

But it wasn’t all bad. Some tweeters took not-so-subtle digs at an administration that has so far not been friendly to women:

And in the end, it was women who took over the hashtag, as well they should:

If you don’t want to be schooled on how sexist you sound trying to rehash ages-old nonsense, maybe you should never ask a woman.

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