Tell The Little Boy With A Gunshot To His Head That Carrying Guns Makes Us Safer

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Ohio has had yet another fucked-up incident happen. This time a four-year-old little boy was shot by two adult men while in the car with his mother.

Why? Because of fucking road rage.

According to the mother, two adult men in a four door, white Pontiac with tinted windows started tailing her after she had the audacity to honk at them at an intersection. They followed her onto the highway where one of the men started shooting at her car.

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However, if you listen to ammosexuals, we ALL need to carry guns. They feel we should be armed at all times in case the opportunity arises to defend ourselves. That’s kind of hard to do when you’re driving with your kid in the car, huh? Somehow, that particular demographic will blame the incident on the mother. They always do.

The little boy, whose name has not been released, was hospitalized for gun fragments in his head. None of the fragments went all the way through his brain tissue and he was breathing and conscious when he was taken to the hospital.  Police are still looking for the two men who are allegedly responsible.

I’d say they’re damn lucky that little boy hasn’t died. Seriously, who does this kind of shit? Oh wait, the ammosexuals do because ‘Murica!

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