Texas School Forces Boy To Wrestle Girls–Confused Bigots Lose Their Minds

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It’s just not like us here at Left Wing Nation to repeat the garbage they publish over at kooky Glenn Beck’s site, The Blaze. But sometimes the crazy is so strong we can’t help ourselves, especially when the crazy comes mostly from the confused right-wingers who comment on the “articles” there.

Today’s story came out of Texas where a transgender boy, due to the state’s restrictive policies on gender in schools, is forced to compete on his school’s girls’ wrestling team, because he was born female. Now, call ME crazy, but I was astounded at the very existence of a girls’ wrestling team! In Texas! But that’s not what got the Beckheads in such a frenzy.

You see, the Blade Lazer Blazers were apparently torn over what to be outraged about. Since Texas was able to deny Mack Beggs the right to wrestle on the boys team where he belonged, but because he was taking testosterone in the process of transitioning, the bigots felt he had an unfair advantage over the girls. Who he was being forced to wrestle against. The right-wingers sputtered and spat, being forced to call Mack a boy, but mad that he was too much of a boy, because he actually WON the state tournament. That he didn’t want to wrestle in to begin with.

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? I just know I’m supposed to be mad because someone said “transgender” like it was normal!

This “chick” TRIED to wrestle on the boys’ team, but wasn’t allowed, genius!

Here we see see the natural habitat of The Blaze denizens — a state of hatred and disgust.

Wait, we’re back to thinking Mack was born with a penis? *HEAD EXPLODE*

Okay, we’re definitely back to thinking “born a male.”

Haha — nope.

Conservatives are so full of fear and confusion, they don’t know what to make of a situation like this. I have a suggestion for you, folks: Pick what you’re going to be mad about, or get over it.

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  1. To be clear about wrestling in Texas – most states that have wrestling under their state school athletic commissions think that including girls on the boys’ teams is Title IX accommodation enough. Texas required a separate division for girls to wrestle in, for some very old-fashioned and silly sounding reasons at the time. However, a separate girls program has lead to a thriving high school wrestling scene for young women in their state – whereas the sport doesn’t seem to be growing as much in the states that just stick them with boys.

    Obviously Mr. Beggs should have been wrestling with the guys. But in this one respect, Texas seems to have the right idea. If, possibly, for the wrong reasons.

  2. If a boy wants to be a girl.find him other transgenders to wrestle.Why girls are weaker than boys.they dont compare.so if you are for gay sport creat gay sport and leave straight rewl humans along.girls against girls and boys against biys and NOW DAYS GAYS AGAINST GAY.SO NO HE CHEATED THESE GIRL OUT OF THEIRS SPORT HE LOST.RIGHT IS RIGHT WRONG IS WRONG GIVE THAT WICKED SO CALL WIN BACK TO THOSE GIRLS

    • Clearly, you are as confused as the nutbags in Texas: this is a kid who was BORN A GIRL. He now identifies as a boy. Texas FORCES him to wrestle with the girls, because that’s what it says on his birth certificate. Again, you’re gonna have to pick a thing to be outraged about. If you’re right about “girls are weaker than boys” (and you’re not; either of my daughters could kick many men’s asses), then allowing this wrestler to be on the team he prefers — the BOYS team — would be him voluntarily wrestling at a DISadvantage.

      Now put down the crack pipe and learn to speak coherently.

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