Ten Times Trump Has Tweet-Blamed Democrats For His Failures Post-Inauguration

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It has been 100 days since Trump was sworn in. This has been the longest 100 days of my life. Following his stupidity on a daily basis is not easy – it is constant, ulcer-inducing anger and exasperation. Almost every day, we read or hear a litany about how the Democrats want him to fail, but no one is going to cause his failure but himself.

On his 100th day, we felt it was appropriate to review some Trump rage-tweets about how awful all the Democrats are. These ten tweets are all post-inauguration and really illustrate how a narcissist’s mind works. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, is ever their fault. Accountability is not a trait among those types.

Eleven days after he takes office and he is blaming Democrats for not wanting a racist, small-minded little man like Jeff Sessions acting as our Attorney General. If Sessions was too racist for 1986, he is a racism radical in 2017. (We hear there are a lot of white robes stashed away in his attic.)

Have you noticed that even when something is negative, it is the MOST negativity because it’s against him? What’s a disgrace is that he cannot help himself from inflating even his failures.

Almost a month into his presidency, and the man is still talking about the election – which was over three months prior to this tweet. “Fake News” is his war cry and his troops eat that shit up. Hey Donald – for rational folks, we know that one of the first steps in controlling a group of people is to discredit all of their news sources. We have been onto you and you just sound more fake as we go  along.

That train went so fast it blew itself right off the tracks. All of the evil Democrats did a little dance around the smoldering remains.

And two months after his inauguration, he’s still trying to discredit his opposition by bringing up the election. Gotta love how he calls the Russia news fake even as investigations are ongoing.

Well, we do tend to smile when assholes do not succeed in screwing over thousands of Americans.

It’s now a month later and “Obamacare” is still in place. How does all the winning feel?

I think he forgot that several Republicans do not want money from our budget going into that stupid wall of his, either.

And he is STILL talking about our borders as if there is a huge immigrant migration heading North. HE is the president and there is no rush to enter a country that hates outsiders .

This was one day after he signed the executive order to review how he can revoke protections from federal lands to open them up to the highest bidders. But, yeah, his minions will blame us.

100 days down, many more to go. The only thing we are concerned about is how to survive if he doesn’t kill us all during this hellish administration.

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