Teen Tortured By Police Because He Flinched While Tased (Video)

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A video was recently released as part of a lawsuit filed by Justin Norris against the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department in Ashland City, Tennessee. Norris, 18, was arrested for selling drugs and brought into the Cheatham County Jail for booking and holding. While there, he was tased over 40 times.

It’s important to mention here that Norris was restrained during his taser session. He was taken out of his cell and restrained because he was upset over his arrest and started banging his head against the wall. He told deputies he felt suicidal. He most certainly should have been restrained to protect himself and others. However, once restrained, there was no reason the officers needed to tase him to get him under control. He was in a restraint chair, gagged and tased many times – possibly for the deputies’ entertainment. You can hear the assholes laughing in parts of the video.

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Norris’s step-father, William Chapman, thought his son must have been resisting to have burn marks all over his body. However, once he witnessed the video and saw Jordan in the restraint chair, he was beyond angry. He stated,

I was actually giving the police benefit of the doubt over my own child because I was thinking he must have been fighting back, he must have been resisting. When I found that he was actually strapped to a restraint chair, it was even more mind boggling. It didn’t make any sense.

Norris stated he can remember one of the deputies asking him,

Do you want me to do it again? We got a whole bunch of batteries we can drain into you pretty much. We will do it over and over until we have no more.

Norris was finally taken to a hospital and later a mental healthcare facility. The officers kept tasing him because they said he kept flinching. Well, of course, he did, you idiots! You would flinch, too. The Sheriff, Mike Breedlove, refused to talk to local news stations except to say that his men followed procedure

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Procedure? Who’s procedure would this be – Hitler’s? Perhaps Trump would approve of this sort of treatment. All we know for certain is that this video apparently shows three grown men taking pleasure in torturing an 18-year-old. How many people have to die or be tortured before the bad cops are purged?

Watch the video below. Warning: It is graphic.

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